Review: Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

I have read the hardcopy and listened to the audio version of Unshakeable, Tony’s follow-up to his other financial book, Money Master the Game. Which helps people overcome the nature of getting out of poverty, becoming financially independent and being who they want to be. These are the people who will come out ahead in life since finance is everything in your life.  Its better to come out ahead in life and fulfill your goals than to not ans SoFi is one of those companies that can help you do it. You can go out and do anything that you want in life if you believe it is the main message of the book.

The audio book closely follows the printed version, with some changes in the audio related to the charts and graphs. He summarizes theses and provides and overview, while the printed version has all the details.

The audio book is on seven discs (and I wish my car had an eight disc CD player instead of just a six disc CD player). So, I listened to discs 1 thru 4 several times, then discs 5 thru 7 several times. And yes, arriving at my destination interrupts my listening so I intentionally listen multiple times.

This book is divided into three sections. The first section is called “Wealth: The Rule Book” and covers five chapters; “Unshakeable”, “Winter Is Coming … But When?”, “Hidden Fees And Half-Truths”, “Rescuing Our Retirement Plans”, and “Who Can You Really Trust?”. The second section is called “The Unshakeable Playbook” and covers two chapters “The Core Four” and “Slay The Bear”. The third section is called “The Psychology Of Wealth” and this section also has two chapters, “Silencing The Enemy Within” and “Real Wealth”.

I was not sure what to write for this review, so I started re-looking at the book, and found the first sentence of the Introduction (by Steve Forbes) seemed to say it all; “This short, wisdom rich, and crisply written book couldn’t have been more timely”.

This book covers more than just the standard things just as “it is time in the market, not timing the market” and “never under estimate the power of long term compounding”. This book also covers some of the psychology going on by various people in the industry, not just the investor.

The book is an easy read, and the audio book is an easy listen. I highly recommend both.

Avoid General Electric Appliances

I recently had my washing machine stop working. The first time it has stopped working in about 31 years. And based on the age of the machine, I was advised by family to not bother trying to repair, but to just go and replace it.

So I did some quick shopping at for a replacement, arranged to have a day off from work, and I went and bought a GE appliance from the local JC Penney. The day before the delivery, I was to get a phone call from the delivery company about the four hour delivery window of when they would arrive with the machine. So, the day before the delivery, I got home from work and checked my phone for messages, and found none. The next morning, I made some phone calls to find out when they would be arriving. They told me the delivery date has been changed without my permission or notification. And they changed the delivery date to a day when I would not be available. Pissed is an understatement.

I went to the local JC Penney to complain. It turns out this is not the first time GE appliance delivery has screwed up the schedule and pissed off a customer. The manager made some phone calls and he will be having his manager file some complaints with GE. He will be calling me in a few days with additional information. With him, I have tentatively reset the delivery date to two Fridays in the future.


Review: Get Smart! How to Think and Act Like the Most Successful and Highest-Paid People in Every Field by Brian Tracy

This is a Brian Tracy book (audio book) that I received from my cousin at Christmas time (thank you cousin). After listening to the audio book in my car, I realized that I was not doing the exercises at the end of each chapter because I did not stop and write the exercises down to do at a later time when I was not driving. So, I also purchased the book in hardcover so I could have the exercises written down for me to do.

Like all the audio books I have, I have listened to this one multiple times. I addition to having my listening interrupted by arriving at my destination, there are times when I miss something on the audio because of those moments when driving has to take priority in the moment. I find that listening to the book multiple times makes sure I heard everything.

Like most Brian Tracy books, this book has a lot of the same concepts as his other books. In each chapter he contrasts two types of thinking and goes over the advantages and disadvantages of each. At the end of each chapter are action steps and questions to answer for yourself to help implement the ideas into your life.

I am glad I brought this book and recommend you get a copy for yourself.

The Success Principles

This is one of my favorite books. It has lots of relatively short chapters, averaging about 6 or 8 pages each. And there are many (65+) chapters, grouped into sections for easy reading. I can start my day by reading a chapter and creating my motivation for today’s actions to be accomplished.

This tenth anniversary edition has a new section for today’s digital age. In addition to the new chapters the other chapters have updates with new examples that have come about since the original edition of the book.

The book has six different sections, the first being on the fundamentals of success covered in 24 chapters. Each chapter is a quick read covering just one topic. You will want to reread the first section many times. As you reach new levels in your life, re-reading these sections will give you new insights you were not present to before; you will be reading from a new place in your life.

The second section is titled Transform Yourself for Success and has fourteen chapters. These chapters cover those areas inside you that could need some transformation.

The third section is about building your success team. This section has nine chapters to cover various aspects about building the team including you.

The next section is about building successful relationships. Building upon the previous section, the eight chapters cover ways to improve yourself so your relationships with others improve.

The fifth section covers money. There are two areas of life that people seem to have the most hang-ups; money and sex. This section is going to help with money. There are chapters to help with your mindset around money as well as some practices and habits to create around money. This is a section worth reading multiple times and taking time to implement the ideas.

The last section is new and involves the digital age. These five chapters are longer and cover items to help become more successful in the digital age.

I currently have the paperback version of the book. I wish the tenth anniversary edition was available in hardcover; I would have bought that version instead. I do have getting the audio version of the book on my to do list.

Master Your Time Master Your Life by Brian Tracy

As some of you may already know, I enjoy books and audios by Brian Tracy. I have many of them and have loved them all. That being said, there is much repetition in them.

This book is no exception. One of the things that this book does bring, is breaking time into types of time and how they are the same or different from each other.

As an example, time for work is about being productive, and family time is not about being productive, but about spending time with them. (Remember the old saying how little children spell love, T-I-M-E.)

This is one of those books where you will want to read the entire book when you first get it, then read it again at a slower pace and do the action exercises at the end of each chapter. You might even want to sit down once a week (say on Sunday), read the action exercises from previous chapters and your answers, then read the next chapter and do the action exercises from it.

When the audio of this book comes out in the spring (23 May 2017), I plan to add the audio to my collection and listen as I drive.

Review: C# 5.0 Unleashed by Bart De Smet

First, I did read the entire book, all 1700+ pages. At times, I did want to skip sections and chapters but I did not.

This is a very densely packed book of technical information. While the back cover says the book is for intermediate to advanced programmers, I would recommend it for advanced not intermediate programmers.

I did find some the screen shots difficult to read due to the small size of the content of the image and poor contrast between the background and foreground. In some cases, a color (instead of black and white) image may have helped with the contrast, making it easier to read.

I am someone who is trying to learn the C# language. This book was a little over my head. I was looking for something closer to the intermediate level for my current level of learning. I plan to keep the book for reference, because I do plan to get to the advanced level.

If you have an advanced understanding of the C# language and want to learn more, this book, “C# 5.0 Unleashed by Bart De Smet” is to add to library.

Thanks, Wayne

After Shopping Season Updates

Everyone, it is that time of year. The shopping season is over, and there are products that have sold out and need to be removed from the website. In this case, the products removed from the John Wayne Collectables ( ) site.

There were quite a few removed. The 2016 Wall Calendar sold out early. One of the two T-Shirts (the one with the almond color background) is gone. The Sherpa Throw, the Cowboy Boots Shaker set, the Book of Quotes, the Talking Figurine, the Boot and Shooter set, the Cowboy Crossed Arms Cookie Jar, the Flag Puzzle, the Wind Chimes, the Pilsner Glass, the Water Bottle, and the 20 oz. Travel mug, all gone.

I don’t know is any of these will be returning. Sometimes the supplier surprizes me.
As was with quality branded umbrellas by returned and surprised everyone with their beautiful and practical products.

When any of these return or there are new products, I will update the website and promote with a press release.

Thanks, Wayne


I Started A New Project

I started a new project to market a keyword research tool called Keyword Canine 3.0. This program is available on a monthly subscription, and the affiliate program offers payments for each monthly renewal.

And I am way behind in doing the search engine optimization work to have the site I create for Keyword Canine rank well. I need to create content for web pages.

So far, I got two articles about keyword research on the home page of my website, and a video create by the program author. I am not sure if I need more articles or not. This topic, keyword research, is a specialized topic, and some articles from writing services on the web are just so, so.

The video supplied by the program author is a good one. It goes thru the program and points what the program can do and how each feature that is a benefit to the user. I set it up on my website to start automatically, and it is positioned so the user sees the top of the video as it starts. I wanted the video there not only for its sales pitch, but to have the user stay on the page longer. Google likes it when users stay on the page; Google penalizes web pages with a high bounce rate, i.e., the user finds a result on the Google search results, goes there, and quickly comes back. Google assumes that web page was not a good result delivered to the user.

One of the main focuses of my project will delve into the benefits of SARMS on the human body and the way in which they can be sold and pitched to people among all body types and performance goals.

I will keep you up to date as I make updates to the site I created.

My Presentation On Affiliate Marketing At WCCCD

On Thursday October 8th I gave a presentation at the Wayne County Community College District Eastern Campus.  The topic was affiliate marketing, and it was received well.  Very little of it was done online, most of the presentation turned into a question and answer period where I got very in depth and thoughtful questions from the community.  The majority of the people present left with a better understanding of what affiliate marketing is and had ideas take action when they got home.

The college via Mark Lang asked me to come back and do another presentation.  I need to put some ideas and notes together and have a conversation with Mark about what type of presentation I should do next for the community.  He and I tentatively agreed to give a presentation in December 2015.

There was one person who asked some technical questions about how I created some of my affiliate links to Amazon.  I recommended a book for him to read called Amazon Hacks and if there is interest I could do a short presentation with him and a few others on that short technical topic.

Most of the people attending the presentation were beginners, and a technical presentation would not be in their best interest.  What these people were ready for was to get into action around creating their affiliate marketing plan and to see what roadblocks they came up against.  I and the other presenters who were there that evening recommended, as always, they take their questions and use them to query Google and/or YouTube to find the answers.

I have a different presentation coming up on 21 October 2015.  It is at the Great Lakes Area .Net User Group in Southfield at the Microsoft office.  That short presentation, called a Lightning Presentation, will be about 10 minutes long and talk about how to push your LinkedIn page with your name on it, to the top of the Google search results.  I have had some success with getting my full name, Wayne Allen McDonald to the top of Google.  I am currently working on having my first name, middle initial, and last name come top of Google, as well as my first name and last name. When I search Google for “Wayne A McDonald”, my LinkedIn page is on page 1 of the results, but without the double quotes, it does not show up in the results. I do have work to do on getting my LinkedIn page to the top of Google for phrases that are not my full name.

Thanks, Wayne

Communicate with Power by Brian Tracy

First, I want to say I have been enjoying Brian Tracy products for many years. I have many of his audios and some of his other products such as his Goals! book.

That being said, my most recent purchase and listen is “Communicate with Power.” This hour long audio has many familiar points and stories in it. The new story in this audio for me was about Bill Gates. It wasn’t just that Bill Gates and his partners wrote the MS-DOS/PC-DOS operating system, it was that Bill and company used communication and persuasion to convince IBM they were the right people to write the operating system when they had no operating system.

Communicate With Power - Brian Tracy (Compact Disc)

This one disc audio was well worth it. I have listened to it several times (I listen in my car and arriving at my destination interrupts my listening, so I listen multiple times out of habit.)

To get your own copy, click on the image.