My Presentation On Affiliate Marketing At WCCCD

On Thursday October 8th I gave a presentation at the Wayne County Community College District Eastern Campus.  The topic was affiliate marketing, and it was received well.  Very little of it was done online, most of the presentation turned into a question and answer period where I got very in depth and thoughtful questions from the community.  The majority of the people present left with a better understanding of what affiliate marketing is and had ideas take action when they got home.

The college via Mark Lang asked me to come back and do another presentation.  I need to put some ideas and notes together and have a conversation with Mark about what type of presentation I should do next for the community.  He and I tentatively agreed to give a presentation in December 2015.

There was one person who asked some technical questions about how I created some of my affiliate links to Amazon.  I recommended a book for him to read called Amazon Hacks and if there is interest I could do a short presentation with him and a few others on that short technical topic.

Most of the people attending the presentation were beginners, and a technical presentation would not be in their best interest.  What these people were ready for was to get into action around creating their affiliate marketing plan and to see what roadblocks they came up against.  I and the other presenters who were there that evening recommended, as always, they take their questions and use them to query Google and/or YouTube to find the answers.

I have a different presentation coming up on 21 October 2015.  It is at the Great Lakes Area .Net User Group in Southfield at the Microsoft office.  That short presentation, called a Lightning Presentation, will be about 10 minutes long and talk about how to push your LinkedIn page with your name on it, to the top of the Google search results.  I have had some success with getting my full name, Wayne Allen McDonald to the top of Google.  I am currently working on having my first name, middle initial, and last name come top of Google, as well as my first name and last name. When I search Google for “Wayne A McDonald”, my LinkedIn page is on page 1 of the results, but without the double quotes, it does not show up in the results. I do have work to do on getting my LinkedIn page to the top of Google for phrases that are not my full name.

Thanks, Wayne