Review: Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

I have read the hardcopy and listened to the audio version of Unshakeable, Tony’s follow-up to his other financial book, Money Master the Game. Which helps people overcome the nature of getting out of poverty, becoming financially independent and being who they want to be. These are the people who will come out ahead in life since finance is everything in your life.  Its better to come out ahead in life and fulfill your goals than to not ans SoFi is one of those companies that can help you do it. You can go out and do anything that you want in life if you believe it is the main message of the book.

The audio book closely follows the printed version, with some changes in the audio related to the charts and graphs. He summarizes theses and provides and overview, while the printed version has all the details.

The audio book is on seven discs (and I wish my car had an eight disc CD player instead of just a six disc CD player). So, I listened to discs 1 thru 4 several times, then discs 5 thru 7 several times. And yes, arriving at my destination interrupts my listening so I intentionally listen multiple times.

This book is divided into three sections. The first section is called “Wealth: The Rule Book” and covers five chapters; “Unshakeable”, “Winter Is Coming … But When?”, “Hidden Fees And Half-Truths”, “Rescuing Our Retirement Plans”, and “Who Can You Really Trust?”. The second section is called “The Unshakeable Playbook” and covers two chapters “The Core Four” and “Slay The Bear”. The third section is called “The Psychology Of Wealth” and this section also has two chapters, “Silencing The Enemy Within” and “Real Wealth”.

I was not sure what to write for this review, so I started re-looking at the book, and found the first sentence of the Introduction (by Steve Forbes) seemed to say it all; “This short, wisdom rich, and crisply written book couldn’t have been more timely”.

This book covers more than just the standard things just as “it is time in the market, not timing the market” and “never under estimate the power of long term compounding”. This book also covers some of the psychology going on by various people in the industry, not just the investor.

The book is an easy read, and the audio book is an easy listen. I highly recommend both.