I Started A New Project

I started a new project to market a keyword research tool called Keyword Canine 3.0. This program is available on a monthly subscription, and the affiliate program offers payments for each monthly renewal.

And I am way behind in doing the search engine optimization work to have the site I create for Keyword Canine rank well. I need to create content for web pages.

So far, I got two articles about keyword research on the home page of my website, and a video create by the program author. I am not sure if I need more articles or not. This topic, keyword research, is a specialized topic, and some articles from writing services on the web are just so, so.

The video supplied by the program author is a good one. It goes thru the program and points what the program can do and how each feature that is a benefit to the user. I set it up on my website to start automatically, and it is positioned so the user sees the top of the video as it starts. I wanted the video there not only for its sales pitch, but to have the user stay on the page longer. Google likes it when users stay on the page; Google penalizes web pages with a high bounce rate, i.e., the user finds a result on the Google search results, goes there, and quickly comes back. Google assumes that web page was not a good result delivered to the user.

One of the recent things i found was that using a certified SEO company such as Stellar SEO is one of the best ways by which one can improve the traffic on their website. SEO companies use various tools, keywords and other things to spread the company name throughout the web which in turn brings more traffic to the site. I am sure that once I make more updates to my site, I will be getting SEO services to ensure that my website grows and gains a prominent spotlight.

I will keep you up to date as I make updates to the site I created.