The Success Principles

This is one of my favorite books. It has lots of relatively short chapters, averaging about 6 or 8 pages each. And there are many (65+) chapters, grouped into sections for easy reading. I can start my day by reading a chapter and creating my motivation for today’s actions to be accomplished.

This tenth anniversary edition has a new section for today’s digital age. In addition to the new chapters the other chapters have updates with new examples that have come about since the original edition of the book.

The book has six different sections, the first being on the fundamentals of success covered in 24 chapters. Each chapter is a quick read covering just one topic. You will want to reread the first section many times. As you reach new levels in your life, re-reading these sections will give you new insights you were not present to before; you will be reading from a new place in your life.

The second section is titled Transform Yourself for Success and has fourteen chapters. These chapters cover those areas inside you that could need some transformation.

The third section is about building your success team. This section has nine chapters to cover various aspects about building the team including you.

The next section is about building successful relationships. Building upon the previous section, the eight chapters cover ways to improve yourself so your relationships with others improve.

The fifth section covers money. There are two areas of life that people seem to have the most hang-ups; money and sex. This section is going to help with money. There are chapters to help with your mindset around money as well as some practices and habits to create around money. This is a section worth reading multiple times and taking time to implement the ideas.

The last section is new and involves the digital age. These five chapters are longer and cover items to help become more successful in the digital age.

I currently have the paperback version of the book. I wish the tenth anniversary edition was available in hardcover; I would have bought that version instead. I do have getting the audio version of the book on my to do list.

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