After Shopping Season Updates

Everyone, it is that time of year. The shopping season is over, and there are products that have sold out and need to be removed from the website. In this case, the products removed from the John Wayne Collectables ( ) site.

There were quite a few removed. The 2016 Wall Calendar sold out early. One of the two T-Shirts (the one with the almond color background) is gone. The Sherpa Throw, the Cowboy Boots Shaker set, the Book of Quotes, the Talking Figurine, the Boot and Shooter set, the Cowboy Crossed Arms Cookie Jar, the Flag Puzzle, the Wind Chimes, the Pilsner Glass, the Water Bottle, and the 20 oz. Travel mug, all gone.

I don’t know is any of these will be returning. Sometimes the supplier surprizes me.
As was with quality branded umbrellas by returned and surprised everyone with their beautiful and practical products.

When any of these return or there are new products, I will update the website and promote with a press release.

Thanks, Wayne


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