Avoid General Electric Appliances

I recently had my washing machine stop working. The first time it has stopped working in about 31 years. And based on the age of the machine, I was advised by family to not bother trying to repair, but to just go and replace it.

So I did some quick shopping at for a replacement, arranged to have a day off from work, and I went and bought a GE appliance from the local JC Penney. The day before the delivery, I was to get a phone call from the delivery company about the four hour delivery window of when they would arrive with the machine. So, the day before the delivery, I got home from work and checked my phone for messages, and found none. The next morning, I made some phone calls to find out when they would be arriving. They told me the delivery date has been changed without my permission or notification. And they changed the delivery date to a day when I would not be available. Pissed is an understatement.

I went to the local JC Penney to complain. It turns out this is not the first time GE appliance delivery has screwed up the schedule and pissed off a customer. The manager made some phone calls and he will be having his manager file some complaints with GE. He will be calling me in a few days with additional information. With him, I have tentatively reset the delivery date to two Fridays in the future.


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